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Disable touchpad tapping while typing

If you use windows OS system, you can change these device settings easily by opening the 'Mouse' or 'Tuchpad Tool' icon in your windows 'Control Panel' folder. but, solaris does not provide easily way like windows' style.

So I tried to search what can be disable touchpad but i couldn't get certain solution . However, Ilho Kim(one of Sun's best expert) found easy to disable touch pad recently.

Thx ilho bro!

how to disable touchpad is as bellow.

1. Find Touchpad device number
# modinfo grep mou
43 fffffffffbbf1268 2e70 15 1 mntfs (mount information file system)
88 fffffffff7f3b640 c50 116 1 mouse8042 (PS/2 Mouse 1.48, 05/10/25)
89 fffffffff7f46000 2490 - 1 vuid3ps2 (mouse events to vuid events)
103 fffffffff804f000 2e00 - 1 usbms (USB mouse streams 1.25)
* ' 88 ' is touchpad device number.

2. Unload Touchpad device
# modunload -i $$
* $$ <-- put the touchpad device number.

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