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Layout of the / File System

Layout of the / File System
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/ Root of the overall file-system name space

/dev Primary location for special files

/dev/dsk Block disk devices

/dev/rdsk Raw disk devices

/dev/pts Pseudo terminal slave devices

/dev/rmt Raw tape devices

/dev/sad Entry points for the STREAMS Administrative Driver

/dev/term Terminal devices

/etc Host-specific system administrative configuration files and databases

/etc/acct Accounting system configuration information

/etc/cron.d Configuration information and FIFO for cron

/etc/default Default information for various programs

/etc/dfs Configuration information for exported file systems

/etc/fs Binaries organized by file-system types for operations required before /usr is mounted

/etc/inet Configuration files for Internet services

/etc/init.d Scripts for transitioning among run levels

/etc/lib Shared libraries needed during booting

/etc/lp Configuration information for the printer subsystem

/etc/mail Mail subsystem configuration

/etc/net Configuration information for ti (transport independent) network services

/etc/opt Configuration information for optional packages

/etc/rc0.d Scripts for entering or leaving run level 0

/etc/rc1.d Scripts for entering or leaving run level 1

/etc/rc2.d Scripts for entering or leaving run level 2

/etc/rc3.d Scripts for entering or leaving run level 3

/etc/rcS.d Scripts for entering or leaving run level S

/etc/saf Service Access Facility (SAF) files, including FIFOs

/etc/skel Default profile scripts for new user accounts

/etc/sm Status monitor information

/etc/sm.bak Backup copy of status monitor information

/etc/tm Trademark files; contents displayed at boot time

/etc/uucp Configuration information for uucp

/export Default root of the exported file-system tree

/home Default root of a subtree for user directories

/kernel Subtree of loadable kernel modules, including the base kernel itself as /kernel/unix

/mnt Temporary mount point for file systems

/opt Root of a subtree for add-on application packages

/opt/SUNWspro Mount/installation point for unbundled language products

/platform Subtree of loadable kernel modules

/sbin Essential executables used in the booting process and in manual system failure recovery

/tmp Temporary files; cleared during boot sequence

/usr Mount point for the /usr file system

/var Root of a subtree of various files

/var/adm System logging and accounting files

/var/crash Default depository for kernel crash dumps

/var/cron Log file for cron

/var/lp Line printer subsystem logging information Table 333 - Directories in the / File System Directory Description

/var/mail Directory where users\' mail is kept

/var/news Community service messages (not to be confused with USENET-style news)

/var/nis NIS+ databases

/var/opt Root of a subtree for various files associated with optional software packages

/var/options Provides package compatibility with pre-SunOS 5.0 packages

/var/preserve Backup files for vi and ex editors

/var/sadm Databases maintained by the software package management utilities

/var/saf System Access Facility (SAF) logging and accounting files

/var/spool Directories for spooled temporary files

/var/spool/cron Spool files for cron and at

/var/spool/locks Spooling lock files

/var/spool/lp Line printer spool files

/var/spool/mqueue Mail queued for delivery

/var/spool/pkg Spooled packages

/var/spool/uucp Queued uucp jobs

/var/spool/uucppublic Files deposited by uucp

/var/tmp Directory for temporary files not cleared during boot sequence

/var/uucp Log and status files for uucp

/var/yp Databases for yp (for backward compatibility with NIS and ypbind)

/usr/4lib Libraries for the binary compatibility a.out package (BCP)

/usr/bin Location for standard system commands

/usr/bin/sunview1 SunView executables, part of BCP

/usr/ccs The C compilation system

/usr/ccs/bin Binaries

/usr/ccs/lib Libraries and auxiliary files

/usr/demo Demo programs and data

/usr/games Game binaries and data

/usr/include Include header files (for C programs, and the like)

/usr/kernel Additional modules

/usr/kvm Implementation architecture-specific binaries and libraries

/usr/lib Various program libraries, architecture-dependent databases, and binaries not invoked directly by the user

/usr/lib/acct Accounting scripts and binaries

/usr/lib/dict Database files for the spell command

/usr/lib/class Scheduling class-specific directories containing executables for priocntl and dispadmin commands

/usr/lib/font Font description files for troff

/usr/lib/fs File system type dependent modules; not invoked directly by the user

/usr/lib/iconv Conversion tables for iconv

/usr/lib/libp Profiled libraries

/usr/lib/locale Internationalization and localization databases

/usr/lib/localedef Locale source file for localedef.

/usr/lib/lp Line printer subsystem databases and back-end executables

/usr/lib/mail Auxiliary programs for the mail subsystem

/usr/lib/netsvc Internet network services

/usr/lib/nfs Auxiliary NFS-related programs and daemons

/usr/lib/pics PIC archives needed to build the runtime linker

/usr/lib/refer Preprocessor for nroff/troff

/usr/lib/sa Scripts and commands for the system activity report package

/usr/lib/saf Auxiliary programs and daemons related to the Service Access Facility (SAF)

/usr/lib/spell Auxiliary spell-related programs and databases Table 335 - Directories in the /usr File System Directory Description

/usr/lib/uucp Auxiliary uucp-related programs and daemons

/usr/local Commands local to a site

/usr/net/servers Entry points for foreign name-service requests related by the listener

/usr/oasys Files pertaining to the optional FACE package

/usr/old Programs that are being phased out

/usr/openwin Mount or installation point for OpenWindows software

/usr/sadm Various files and directories related to system administration

/usr/sadm/bin Binaries for use by FMLI scripts

/usr/sadm/install Executables and scripts for package management

/usr/sbin Executables for system administration

/usr/sbin/static Statically linked versions of selected programs from

/usr/bin and /usr/sbin; used to recover from broken dynamic linking

/usr/share Architecture-independent databases

/usr/share/lib Architecture-independent databases

/usr/share/lib/keytables Keyboard layout description tables

/usr/share/lib/mailx Help files for mailx

/usr/share/lib/nterm Terminal tables for nroff

/usr/share/lib/pub Various data files

/usr/share/lib/spell Auxiliary spell-related databases and scripts

/usr/share/lib/tabset Tab-setting escape sequences

/usr/share/lib/terminfo Terminal description files

/usr/share/lib/tmac Macro packages for nroff and troff

/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo Time zone information

/usr/share/src Source code for kernel, libraries, and utilities

/usr/snadm Files associated with Administration Tool (admintool)

/usr/ucb Berkeley compatibility package binaries

/usr/ucbinclude Berkeley compatibility package header files

/usr/ucblib Berkeley compatibility package libraries

/usr/vmsys Files pertaining to the optional FACE package

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